The latest tirade by PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif against President Asif Zardari, virtually in response to the accusations made against him during the AJK election campaign by PPP leaders, is remarkable not so much for its content as where it is being said. Mian Nawaz made these remarks while speaking at an election rally held by his party in Azad Kashmir. At the same time, Mian Nawazs claim that the government was vitiated by President Zardaris corruption and had led to the USA carrying out open attacks against the countrys sovereignty may not be inaccurate, but it should be carefully considered how relevant is this corruption to the AJK elections, which take place on June 26. Though these elections are about how self-government in AJK is to proceed, they are also about the conduct of the Kashmir freedom struggle, and the assistance that will be given to it by the Free State, as well as the Government of Pakistan. Though the freedom struggle in Held Kashmir has reached new heights, neither the PPP nor the PML-N has given much attention, at least to the AJK electorate, of how either would use its position in the AJK government, to further the cause of freedom for those who do not enjoy it. The current exchange between the PML-N and the PPP illustrates why the parties had generally stayed out of AJK politics: the involvement in Pakistani politics proves a distraction from AJKs main reason for existence, which is to make sure that other Kashmiris also enjoy the boons of freedom, and that together the Kashmiri people will at last exercise that inherent right of self-determination which has been denied to them by Indian intransigence for so many decades. The AJK electorate is well aware that this exercise will also be denied to them so long as a single square inch of Held Kashmir remains under the Indian jackboot, and thus continues to assess parties in the light of their attitude to the freedom struggle. The parties should keep in mind that they are also being keenly watched in Pakistan for their commitment to the Kashmir cause, not just because the Pakistani people have a deep commitment to it, but because the present government, led by the PPP, is suspected of being so subservient to the USA that it will follow the latters wish that the matter be solved according to Indian desires, unless much more vigilance is exercised. Thus the parties should not consign AJK politics to some corner, nor make its elections another opportunity to pursue their quarrels, but should never forget their duty of ensuring the liberation of Held Kashmir.