Yousaf Raza Gillani’s rule was an obstruction to all that democracy ever stood for. He was devoid of ethics, political vision and respect for rule of law, so essential for a man to hold such a high office. His rule was an insult to fair name of democracy, a system evolved after centuries to deliver to the people welfare, basic fundamental rights, security and hope for a better future. The Supreme Court gave him a chance for an appropriate exit, but he chose this dishonorable route. His family was devoid of etiquette so essential for those who hold public office. They were involved in all sorts of scams unworthy of a family which by definition was the first family. What can be so worse a reaction, than that the man on street started saying that rule of that despotic tin pot dictator Musharraf was better. He gave this country nothing but miseries, frustration, poverty, hunger and insecurity. I hope lessons are learnt by all political parties that elected public office holders are not kings, nor can they assume role of emperors, who are not subjected to public scrutiny and judicial accountability. Political power comes with responsibilities which if not delivered, deprives elected office holders of any moral or legal authority to continue in office. It is better to beware the wrath of a nation driven to desperation by corruption, no electricity and poor governance, before it is too late.


Lahore, June 20.