True that Raymond Davis was an important man being a CIA contractor. True that the entire US Administration including President Obama was out to secure his release though he had shot dead two Pakistani citizens. He was quietly whisked away. But what about Dr Aafia Siddiqui serving an 86-year jail term on the accusation of just pointing a gun at a US marine. The Raymond drama proves the point that states go out of their way to protect their citizens entrapped for some reason in a foreign country. Reports on the internet and SMS suggest that illness has taken Dr Aafia’s life in a US prison. Her family and well wishers are in a state of trauma. The Pakistan government and embassy in Washington have not been forthcoming with comments, although, a consulate statement quotes prison officials as confirming that she was still alive.

Though politicians, NGOs and HR bodies have called for her early release, the authorities have made little efforts to get her out of prison. The question is why should a daughter of the soil languish in American jail for lack of effort.