The budget has been announced and it does not seem to be a very people friendly budget. Pakistan has two major issues, energy and terrorism. The budget does not address them in detail. It has not taxed the rich but hurt the poor badly! To improve economic condition in the country more emphasis should have been put on improving the taxation system and taking steps which make it easy to catch the big fish. Instead of bringing relief to the poor it has raised the price of staples, making it very hard not only for the poor but also for the middle and salaried class to survive. It should have levied heavy taxes on the land owner, who takes the largest part of this agrarian country without paying anything.Pakistan is an agriculture country and our economy largely depends on it and we can improve the agriculture sector by providing subsidy to the small land holder by providing easy loans and seeds. We should have looked carefully into farming and poultry sectors as well as cattle breading. All these were ignored by the law makers. Without spending in these sectors we can never increase the yield of our crops which can make up a large portion of revenue through foreign exchange.SAIBA ALI KHAN, Lahore, June 14.