Everyone has plans for Pakistan. I am sure that the learned and educated people who have been voted and selected, to sit in the Parliament, must know better than me, but here are some drastic measures to meet these drastic challenges that we are suffering from. What we need to do is declare the 22 divisions into 22 provinces with equal rights, liabilities and share in the divisible pool along with all tribal areas! Recovery with brute forces all sorts of weaponry from all individuals as well as outfits on war footing, one by one from each district with 100 percent transparency, through recovery memos. Ban all outfits political or apolitical which has been constituted on the base of a sect, language or region! Converting all the diverging educational institutions into state sponsored uniform and converging education institutions with 100 percent uniform curricula! Appointing Imams and Khatibs in all Masajids, one each, in BPS 17, replacing the present illiterate Mullahs, these Imams and Khatibs should hold a masters degree in Islamayat.The judiciary should prove itself strong and independent by executing publicly, all the confirmed convicts having been awarded death penalty, subject to legal confirmation without delay. Awarding qisas publicly (tit for tat) punishment subject to legal conviction and confirmation to the culprits of acid throwing or burning alive! Death penalty should be meted out to the convicts in cases of corruption subject to conviction and confirmation. Clear accountability of all monetary allocation to different government departments every six months! All appointments should be made on merit, in all institutions, government owned or private. NAB should be empowered, but remain under the scrutiny, of the state.Electricity theft should be curbed and bills taken from everyone who is a defaulter or their power should be cut, even if a government office is found involved. The mother of all evils, corruption should be killed from the top ranks. Appointment of corrupt people should be stopped. State should take responsibility for any wrong doing or mishandling of any issue.AFTAB ALAM, June 18.