More than anything else perhaps, the central setup needs to gather courage to combat a hereditary affliction as daunting as loadshedding. Broadly speaking, anyone from the federal government is well within their right to tell the assembly members or the people for that matter that the party should be spared the reproving glances at least at this point. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s option to get Japanese help in construction of dams like Bhasha, Kurram Tangi and Munda Dams appear glad tidings.The government’s energy dossier is imminent but is hoped it will be mapped out keeping in view realistic propositions such as Kalabagh Dam -- held in abeyance due to decades long quibbling – rated by both local and international experts to be the only medium-term undertaking that can dispense affordable electricity. In a marked contrast to this approach, the strategy announced by Mr Khawaja Asif to buy 2,000 MW of electricity from India through a transmission line sound gibberish for the obvious reason that state of relationship simply does not permit of it. And what about the stolen waters of the Indus rivers where this electricity is generated. Here we have a thief that steals our grain in the night but the next day knocks our door and offers it for sale albeit in different sacks. To say that the transmission line too will not get entangled in the web of quarrels or worse would itself end up becoming a quarrel is to put too high a premium on hope. Besides, leaning on the shoulders of a hostile neighbour is also going to give out all the wrong signals to the Kashmiri brethren.Given what we have been through, it is safe to invest our time, funds and manpower in ventures where risk of any setback is insignificant. These are hydel, wind and solar projects that are going abegging since the parties at the helm have over the years become too opinionated to reflect on them with an open mind. Should we acquiesce to further miscalculations while wasting whatever time and resources we have, the blame would lie with us only.