Speaking to the media at Islamabad on Thursday about the deteriorating state of security in the country, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali afforded a peep into what the PML-N government intended to do to get rid of the haunting fear of terrorism and improve the law and order situation. Soon, in a matter of days, a National Security Policy, mainly focusing on ensuring an effective coordination between the various security agencies, would be put into effect to deal with the problem. All stakeholders were putting their heads together to devise ways to plug the gaping holes that permit miscreants to do their murderous acts; they would be sending up their individual recommendations within two days. The Minister disclosed that the security agencies would be held accountable for any lapse. It would be interesting to see how the idea, somewhat novel, would take concrete shape.Chaudhry Nisar said that there would be a task force on the issue of coordination among security outfits and another on missing persons, a tragedy that mainly visits Balochistan though the rest of the country could not claim to be immune from it. On the cards were, he remarked, also several other moves like banning the issuance of arms licences till a new policy had been chalked out. Besides, the licences given over the past five years would be scrutinised to check the credentials of the persons awarded the licences. And no one would be allowed to display arms in Islamabad Capital Territory. The Minister was also ordering the withdrawal of FC personnel and Rangers detailed with VIPs for security purposes, except for those assigned to perform duty with the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice; for the armed forces were not supposed to do that kind of duty.The urgency with which the new political setup is trying to work out the solution of, arguably, the most deleterious problem that is one factor which could stymie its efforts at revival of the collapsing economy, shows that it at least has a sense of priority. How far it succeeds depends on the level of political will and commitment that are brought to bear to meet the challenge. Nothing short of that would work in an atmosphere that is charged with the scare of the frenzied hordes of terrorists who keep targeting, of late almost on a daily basis, KPK, Balochistan and Karachi. Hopefully, due thinking goes into evolving the National Security Policy that demonstrates a firm resolve to ensure security to the citizenry and that is possible only by getting over the menace of terrorism and extremism.