Through a process of political evolution, the modern state, to govern effectively with complete jurisdiction, established that the state alone shall organize, finance and arm an army. After the American Civil War, where private militias, raised by warring states, clashed and fought in the bloody conflict, the country adopted a constitution banning all private militias. This same principle has been adopted by every country, whether functioning as parliamentary democracy, or presidential governance, irrespective of any ideology or faith. Any country that allows private militias to be raised and funded by any kind of group has always ended seeing them being used against their mentors.

Pakistan today faces a threat from within, by militias allowed to be formed and housed within its territory by Zia The lure of billions in criminal earning of these private criminal militias in Karachi, attracted the Taliban to take a share of this tax-free pie. Unless the Pakistani state, with all its power and resources does not crack down on all private militias, terrorism can neither be curtailed, nor eliminated.


Lahore, June 15.