How the militant groups get access to TV channel anchors and newspaper editors to dictate their terms is not a mystery but is still astonishing. The spokesmen of terrorists claim responsibility for their acts but no action is taken against them. Their interaction with the media, at a point when an all-out operation has started, is significant. This means that the concept of free media is being misinterpreted. In the race for breaking news, all sorts of gory scenes and activities of terrorists are shown and projected.

The media has become a lifeline for these terrorists. Through this powerful medium, the voice of terrorists is being spread throughout the world. It is the need of the hour that media policy must be comprehensive and our media should be encouraged to impose self-moratorium, regarding coverage of terrorist activities. They should focus more on the sacrifices made by our people and not on how many terrorists were killed.

We need to refute the claims of these extremists; the point of view of the government and the military, regarding handling of extremists, as well as IDPs, must be positively projected, so that the people’s support is gained. The development work being carried out by the government and security forces must be highlighted in a proper manner. The nation, as a whole, must take it as Pakistan’s war against terrorism, not merely the Pakistan army’s war against terrorists.


Rawalpindi, June 19.