LAHORE - The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Lahore, more experienced and equipped with better facilities than any other newly-formed Horticulture authorities in Punjab, has initiated solid steps for the improvement of work in Murree, country’s main tourist attraction.

A PHA spokesperson said that more than 10 different types of spring flowers and plants had been planted at Kuldana, Jheeka Gali, and at different points of Kashmir point and Mall Road.  Besides traditional flower-carts, the newly introduced concept of flower wall and China planter already applauded in Lahore had also been placed at Kuldana and Mall Road, he added. The mild weather of Murree would prolong the life of these plants till late August. The condition of already placed planters and flower beds would also be improved. PHA director general said that government was keen to create fragrant environment and enhance the beauty of Murree, adding that his department would provide its best assistance to complete the job.

He further added that decorated gates would also be installed on the main entrance of Murree.