LAHORE - Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said that he is ready to give himself into the custody of the army if it wants to arrest him, but will not let the police nab him.

He was interacting with media persons in London on Saturday after reaching there from Canada. He said human rights were being violated by the so-called political and democratic government. He said corruption was on the rise in every institution of the country and every institution was being politicised. He said the current rule was the worst dictatorship.

Dr Qadri who is landing in Islamabad on June 23 said Shahbaz Sharif’s way of thinking and his close aides were bound to end his rule. He said more than half of the country’s population was living below the poverty line. He said the Model Town tragedy should not be compared with the Karachi incident and added police had fired straight bullets on the innocent people. He said Rana Sana Ullah was not the only person who architected this bloodshed. Qadri said the government was confused and wanted to stop him from arriving in Pakistan.

He alleged Gullu Butt type characters were running the whole business of the government. He said the 213 general polls were not rigged, but the elections were totally bought. He said the PAT workers had taken the initial step for the revolution by rendering sacrifices of their lives.