LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that elements levelling allegations against him are doing politics on dead bodies but he considers service to the people as a worship.

He said he was still sad over the tragic incident occurred in Lahore.

He expressed these views while talking to assembly members here on Saturday.

He said he was deeply shocked over the loss of precious human lives in this incident and equally shared the grief of bereaved families. The chief minister said that all measures would be taken for upholding the law and justice in the matter. He said as a result of investigation of judicial commission, facts would come fore and the people would be informed about it. Shahbaz said the people responsible for the incident would be taken to task. Shahbaz said he was answerable to Almighty Allah. He said the demands of justice would be fulfilled at every cost.

Shahbaz said no hindrance in the way of supremacy of law and provision of justice would be tolerated. The chief minister said that he always helped the oppressed and spared no effort to take to task the powerful and cruel people. He reiterated that he would also ensure justice to the aggrieved families. He said those doing the politics on dead bodies could never succeed in their nefarious designs.

He said whenever country faced crises and the people suffered from natural calamities, politicians did the politics on dead bodies. They enjoyed cool breeze abroad instead of standing by the people in that hour of need. Shahbaz said Pakistani people were fully aware of their role whereas he, as a Khadim-e-Punjab, despite suffering from a fatal disease, had been standing with the people and reached every nook and corner of the province for their succor.

He said tough decisions have to be taken for ensuring supremacy of truth and justice. The chief minister said that only those nations progressed in the world, the leadership of which had the ability of taking tough decisions in difficult situations. He said only doing justice was not enough but it should be seen as well. Shahbaz said his past was witness to the fact that he never did the politics of bullets and violence but had made decency and service as his mission. He said the elements leveling allegations against him wanted to do the politics on dead bodies.

He said these elements were shedding crocodile tears and celebrating “jashan” in Islamabad with those waving fist in 2007 when 42 innocent people were killed in Karachi. He said he had considered service to the people as a form of worship during six years’ tenure and spared no effort in serving the masses.

He said that he would also ensure justice to the aggrieved families in this tragic incident. Shahbaz said he would not hesitate from any sacrifice. The chief minister said that armed forces were fighting country’s survival war and the entire nation was proud of their sacrifices. He said that every citizen of the country including children, youth, elderly people, mothers and sisters were praying for the success of Pak Army. He said Pak Army had set glorious examples of courage and bravery in every moment of trial. Shahbaz said he saluted to the martyrs and ghazis of armed forces.