Respectfully, I would like to inform you that you are not a popular political leader that 200 million Pakistani will come out to jam the country from FATA to Karachi at your call. People are not going to support your war of humiliating the army establishment. Is exposing corruption of politicians and their cronies in government character assassination of PPP? Before launching the war against generals, kindly prove that the claims made by the Director General of Sindh Rangers is not correct that Rs 250 billion every illegally generated is being divided between politicians?

Is your threats and warning against corruption operation in the national interest? Can you prove that there is no corruption in Pakistan? Who stopped you from exposing any corrupt generals? Please do inform the people of Pakistan what sham democracy did you deliver? What is the performance of Sindh Government to improve the lives of people in rural area? Is the army responsible for making Karachi the most dangerous city in the world or is it MQM, PPP, ANP and religious groups? People of Pakistan have rejected the PPP in elections due to your hypocritical ways and self interest politico. Hand over the PPP to workers of PPP, if you want to do any good for your party.


Lahore, June 17.