Car showrooms on main Khalid Bin Waleed Road have become a nuisance for motorists and pedestrians alike. Many of the automobile dealers here only possess a small single room office and nothing in the name of a proper showroom. As a result they have no space and park all their cars on the road and the footpath. Even those who have bigger set-ups tend to do the same as the number of automobiles they have exceeds their parking space. This has been going on for years and now the situation has aggravated so much that the showroom cars have encroached upon three quarters of the road, leaving barely any room for vehicles to pass.

All this hampers the free flow of traffic and it is compelled to move at a snail’s pace. Moreover, the entrances to the adjacent streets are also almost blocked by this overflow of cars from the showrooms, thereby making it extremely difficult for drivers to turn into a street or to come out of one on to the road. I request the authorities to take action against this violation and to remind these people that the road is for the public and not a part of their showrooms.


Karachi, June 15.