ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reportedly been stopped from initiating legal proceedings against model Ayyan Ali for dodging taxes.

A source said that the FBR had prepared a case against the model under section A-192 of Income Tax Ordinance for hiding income and other taxes running into millions of rupees.

Under the section, concealing income or providing wrong information on income is a punishable offence with a sentence of two years or fine or both.

A top official of the FBR said that it has no interest in supporting non-tax payers including Ayyan. If act of non-payment of tax was proved before a special judge under the relevant section, legal proceedings will be launched against her at every cost, the official said.

Though Ayyan is holding a national tax number, she has never filed her income tax return. The model owns a flat in Karachi which she purchased in September, 2011.

She maintains an account in a local bank in Karachi and has deposited around Rs4 million in this bank account. She also has a double cabin vehicle costing Rs1.5 million. She holds UAE business visa and has set up a company, AFZE, in Jabal Ali Free trade zone in Dubai.