According to a report, Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry while addressing a seminar on Freedom of Information and whistle blowers’ protection said that right of the people to information, on matters of public concern, shall be recognized. Access to public records and documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions or decisions as well as to government research data, used as basis for policy development shall afford citizens, subject to limitations as may be provided by law, a better insight on framing of policy decisions.

In the light of the above statement, I would like to remind the worthy Chairman NAB to let us know the fate of our hard earned money that we had invested in the Forex companies’ a couple of years ago. Everything was going smoothly when the then PPP government intercepted and stopped the companies from functioning and arrested their bosses, who were later released on the recovery of the people’s investments. Then the process of refund the recovered money to the affectees got underway, but unfortunately it was again halted after returning a partial amount in installments. Since then there is complete silence on the part of NAB. Several complaints have been lodged but to no avail.

Now when the government has provided an opportunity to a common man to have right of information of public concerns and the NAB Chairman has also endorsed the same, I hope the NAB authorities would reopen the case and make public the arrangements made to refund the balance amount to the Forex companies affectees.


Lahore, June 17.