Ilamabad - Gun and Country Club organised a seminar here on Sunday on the occasion of International Day of Yoga.

The main theme of the seminar was “Aches and Pains & Introduction to Hard Body Yoga”. Aliya Agha, CEO of Lotus Yoga & Wellness Institute, presented the benefits of yoga inspired exercises and the students of the institute presented a visual demonstration.

Aliya said the practice of yoga has been re-contextualised by the pre-eminence of the skill in the West.

Although it is knowledge of Indian origin, however, Westerners have been learning and conducting research on the subject for decades now. It may be noted that yoga in the West is not practiced in the purest form but certainly adapted to suit the physical abilities and disabilities of their population for improved quality of life, she said.

The seminar’s main focus was on aches and pains – especially back and joint related problems. Aliya discussed in detail the anatomical structure of the joints and the spine and its functions. She presented an analysis of the present day lifestyle, which brings inactivity as well as disuse to many muscles and joints.

This results in stiffening of the joints and subsequently affects the mobility of a person. Some key postures were demonstrated at the occasion, which helped the audience to understand the range of physical motions that will help cure the painful conditions.

Additionally, a new form of yoga “hard body yoga or iron yoga” that has been very popular in the west has been introduced at the institute. Technically it is yoga postures practiced with weights for greater resistance. Aliya said that hard body yoga is a good workout for men and women who are used to weight training for building muscle mass.

Hard Body Yoga will further enhance muscle endurance, focus and flexibility. She stated that yoga can be combined with other forms of exercises.

While talking about the benefits of yoga, Aliya informed the audience about the special programme for heart patients called the “heart yoga.” She explained that there are two stages, preventive and post-cardiac event.

The event was attended by diplomats and members of civil society.