Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar has said that those voted for PML-N will now carry out accountability of the government as it came into power on the promise of ending loadshedding in six months but failed miserably to honour the pledge.

Talking to journalists, he added that contrary to the government’s claims that there would be no more than just six to eight hours loadshedding, the villages and cities were faced with 18 and 20 hour loadshedding respectively. He pointed out that the power outages increased as soon as the holy month of Ramazan began. He said that the power crisis worsened in the country with every passing day.

“The rulers inaugurate paper projects every year but loadshedding further aggravates instead of coming down,” he maintained. He demanded the government to construct all small and large dams including Kala Bagh forthwith otherwise power crisis would continue to haunt the nation.

Referring to the notices taken by the Prime Minister, he said that mere notices would not work rather the Prime Minister would have to get his orders implemented strictly regarding uninterrupted power supply at the times of Sehr and Iftar. He warned that the people would take to the roads and throw the government out of power if the electricity crisis continued in the country.

51 SUSPECTS HELD: The district police caught 51 accused on different offences during a crackdown against outlaws and recovered from their possession illegal weapons, drugs and booty.

Police sources said that the arrested accused included 37 proclaimed offenders, five drug paddlers, two holders of illicit arms, two violators of security ordinance and others. The sources added that the police recovered 81 litre liquor, one pistol, one repeater and bullets from the accused.

Meanwhile, police launched a drive against non-registered motorbikes and took 156 motorcycles into custody. The citizens also got 322 motorbikes registered with Excise Department due to the pressure of district police.

The City Traffic Police launched crackdown on vehicles with blue lights, green numberplates and tinted glasses as well as unregistered ones. The police issued 1,600 challan tickets to vehicles with coloured glasses between January and June 19 while 175 cases were registered on one wheeling, 5,285 challans issued for violation of one way, 750 challans for underage drivers and 23,814 vehicles were impounded for absence of registration papers.