LAHORE  - Iftikhar Bokhari, a man who remained associated with the Pakistan Awami Tehreek since 1992 until he resigned recently, has been under treatment for serious kidney problems for the past few weeks and facing equally serious financial problems.

He has no source of income and his family lives in a rented house, after being ejected by the PAT leadership from the flat earlier provided to him. He has to support three sons, two daughters and a wife.

He joined the PAT in 1992; set up Minhaj Education Society in 1996-98 which ran 19 schools in Karachi and Sindh. From 1998 to 2007 he remained Information Secretary of the Sindh chapter of the PAT. He also remained president of the Karachi organization.

In 2008, on Dr Tahirul Qadri’s instructions, he left Karachi and shifted to Lahore. He remained nazim welfare during 2008-13, and principal of “Aghosh” project. Subsequently, he was designated as Aghosh coordinator and then in charge of the research wing of PAT.

Mrs Iftikhar Bokhari holds a son of the PAT chief responsible for the disease of her husband. Dr Qadri’s son’s attitude was so humiliating that Bokhari’s blood pressure shot up, which affected his kidneys. So far, Bokhari has undergone dialysis seven times and he may have to go for kidney transplant. He is under treatment at Jinnah Hospital and the expenses are being afforded by some friend. In Lahore, they were living in a flat of Aghosh, which the PAT leadership ordered them to vacate in 20 days. Since the family had nowhere to go, they requested for more time, which was refused. Bokhari resigned from the job. The PAT leadership gave the family Rs90,000 as advance and rent of the new house. The leadership offered another Rs1 lac which Bokhari refused to accept.

Bokhari has advised his friends in the PAT to take care of their families or they might have to face a situation similar to his.