According to a report PML-N government has allocated Rs. 212 million for renovation of Pak-Secretariat Mosque. Apparently, it is the ‘Mughal Emperor’ mindset, to spend so lavishly. This money has been taken from the poorest by indirect taxing depriving them of essentials by spending on decorations. Holiest mosque in Medina was made of mud and thatched roof, during the best period of Islam, and it was not renovated even during the period of the Caliphs, when money was in abundance but spent on welfare of people. I would humbly appeal to PML-N government to kindly consult CII, before undertaking this grand project at public expense, they should change their Mughal style and remember what happened to the Mughal’s at the end and save us from bankruptcy and IMF loans.


Rawalpindi, June 14.