Rawalpindi - Rawalpindi Police in its crackdowns against anti-social elements have netted nine lawbreakers and recovered 1750 grams hashish, 540 grams opium, 15 litre liquor, one pistol 30 bore with four rounds, one rifle 222 with nine rounds, 600 litre diesel, 400 litre petrol and gadgets being used for illegal refilling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders from the possessions of the accused.

According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, Naseerabad police held Patras for having 520 grams hashish. New Town police booked Ahsan with

1130 grams hashish while Chan Zaib was sent behind the bars for possessing 540 grams opium. Another accused namely Ijaz was arrested on recovery of 15-litre liquor. Airport police recovered a 222 rifle and nine rounds from Numan. Rawat police held Nazar with 30 bore pistol and four rounds.

Meanwhile, Rawat police conducted raids at illegal petrol agencies and recovered 600-litre diesel and 400-litre petrol and nabbed Ahsan and Ghani Sajawal.

Rattaamral police arrested Saddam as he was found involved in illegal refilling of LPG cylinders.