LAHORE - At the height of political tensions emerging as a result of PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Zardari’s recent outburst against military establishment, PML-Q top leadership has played an important role to deescalate the situation between the two sides, TheNation has learnt.

PML-Q insiders, privy to the developments about the role of party’s high command concerning Zardari episode, told this correspondent on Sunday that party’s top leadership had played vital role of bridging gaps of differences of the PPP with the military establishment.

They revealed, “PML-Q top leaders were not ready to accept invitation of PPP co-chairperson’s Iftar dinner. However, they decided to accept invitation of their former coalition partner after they were conveyed a message by some powerful quarters to advise Asif Zardari for adopting restraint while commenting over the national security organizations and not to make intentional or unintentional effort to involve the security services to gain political mileage.”

They further revealed, “PML-Q top leadership advised Asif Zardari to refrain from making ‘adventurous statements’ against the institutions of national security and restrict his political fight only with the political opponents and make no effort in the future to involve or drag the national security institutions in the matters of politics.” As per insiders, PML-Q chief when asked by a senior party leader during his visit to Karachi that why did he come to attend the PPP top leader’s Iftar party, replied, “I came here to accomplish a task, which I will complete as PPP co-chairperson will listen to me and take my advice seriously.”

Meanwhile, MQM top leadership, which was approached by the PPP, has declined to become party of latter’s adventurism against the state’s national security institutions. MQM sources close to party’s London command told this reporter that party leadership would not play the game of the PPP. “We will not play PPP’s ball and will not become part of any campaign against the national security organizations for achieving certain political targets.”

Another MQM figure claiming that PPP would possibly offer them to join the Sindh government to get political strength said the party leadership would not accept any such offer aimed at pitching them against the national security institutions.

PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari ranged up MQM chief Altaf Hussain after his outburst against the military establishment.

According to press statements issued by the two parties, Zardari and Altaf discussed matters of mutual interest in detail. They also discussed matters that had been cause of friction between the two sides in the past. Zardari said the Urdu-speaking people had as much right over Sindh as Sindhi-speaking people.

It may be mentioned here that in an aggressive speech some days back, Zardari lashed out against what he called the character assassination of his party and warned the military leadership that if they did not stop, he would expose the misdeeds of many generals.

He also said that army chiefs come and go every three years but the political leadership was here to stay.