S: Why are you working all the time?

A: I need to work. It makes me feel productive and I don’t want to waste time.

S: But you exhaust yourself everyday. You need to relax a bit and enjoy life.

A: Look, I don’t have a life like yours. I don’t have a very vibrant social life. I have a lot of free time and work is one way to spend it.

S: Maybe if you didn’t work all the time, you would have a better social life.

A: No, I wouldn’t. The thing is that today social life means eating out a lot, going to movies, spending money on petrol, knowing the people in the glossy magazines and wearing Gucci and Armani… if I had your lifestyle I would be broke.

S: But I often am broke. I am not denying that. But at least I enjoy life.

A: Well, I will enjoy my savings. You don’t realise is that people like me don’t fit into your idea of a ‘fun’ lifestyle. I am not as fast as you with my language, I still don’t know what “on sleek” means, and while you can get by at work with your charm and contacts, I only have my work and effort to show. It’s not that I am criticising you, in fact I admire your gift of gab. But I know I work harder than any other person in office. See, while you are friends with my boss, because of your social status, I am just someone who works for him. He will never give me the same respect he gives you.

S: Look, these things do not diminish your standing in anyway...

A: What world do you live in Sadiq? If the world worked on merit, I would be his boss rather than him being mine. I am a nobody. And a nobody has to struggle to earn.