KARACHI - Rangers raided the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek’s headquarters in Karachi for the second time this week but left without making any arrests.

According to details, Rangers raided the headquarter of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek on Sunday morning, confiscated records and Fitra and Zakat collection. Troops in nearly eight vehicles participated in the raid who also surrounded the nearby streets located near Civil hospital, Karachi and no one was allowed to go in or out during the raid.

The raid comes days after a similar raid on the facility by Rangers on June 18, 2015, when the paramilitary detained nearly a dozen PST members. Those PST members remain in Rangers’ detention while one PST man was only released. 

This is the third such raid on PST headquarters since the Karachi operation began on September 5, 2013.

Following Sunday’s raid, the Rangers did not issue a statement.

Sources said that the raid had been conducted based on information collected while questioning detained PST men.

According to PST spokesperson Fahim Shaikh confirmed that no one was arrested during the latest raid while the Rangers confiscated records. He added that party also is trying to ascertain why raids are being conducted on them and why records are being confiscated.

Notorious robber carrying head bounty killed in Sukkur encounter

INP adds: A notorious robber having head bounty was killed while his two accomplices managed to flee after fire exchange here on Sunday.

The encounter took place in main graveyard of Sukkur city where the police on a tip off regarding presence of criminals launched crackdown. An exchange of fire took place between police and outlaws in which a notorious robber Asadullah Sheikh with head bounty of Rs 500,000 was killed while his two cohorts managed to escape.

The police recovered arms from possession of robber killed in fire exchange. The body was moved to hospital for medico-legal formalities.

11 suspects arrested in Karachi

Online Adds: Law enforcement agencies arrested 11 suspects during raids in different parts of the city on Sunday.

Rangers conducted a raid on the office of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, however, no arrests were made.

In Qasba Colony, police traded fire with alleged drug-dealers and arrested 10 of them. The police said that arms and drugs were recovered from their possession.

Meanwhile, the CTD police arrested alleged robber Karim Baksh Mullah from University Road. The robber was wanted to the police in more than 50 cases.