Kandhkot - People are thronging to markets these days to buy items such as readymade and raw clothes, shoes ahead of Eid ul Fitar.

Just few days to go to Eid ul Fitar, preparation for celebrating the occasion are in full swing across Kashmore district.

Heavy rush of people can be witnessed in different markets, specially ladies market, Shahi Bazaar, Shujrah Chowk Market, Awan Market, Main City bazaar and others.

The locals have also set up their temporary stalls for selling all kinds of merchandise.

Women, along with children, remain busy in purchasing their accessories such as shoes, bangles, jewellery, Eid dresses and cosmetics.

Shopkeepers and vendors are very excited because they are earning huge amount of money. Anwar Ali and Fayaz Ahmed, cloth and cosmetic shop owners, said that due to improvement in economic condition of the country, a visible surge had been noticed in the sales as compared to the previous years.

Locals have appreciated the government’s initiatives, especially Police, for creating a conducive environment for business.