ISLAMABAD - The 46 constituencies of southern Punjab are set to witness nearly 90 per cent of the contests among the ‘turncoats’ in the upcoming election 2018.

The current year (2018) is seeing a maximum number of candidates for general polls with their changed loyalties from Bhakar to Rahim Yar Khan. Interestingly, majority of these candidates will face the contestants fielded by their previous parties against them.

The huge number of these new and old politicians including those who have failed to get party’s tickets and are set to go against their ideologies in upcoming elections, according to the research carried out by The Nation.

Although all the major political factions are witnessing revolt, lawmakers from southern Punjab have comparatively taken lead by changing loyalties and contest against their previous political parties.

According to the research, some three divisions of the southern Punjab will witness the contests among the turncoats.  In Muzaffargarh area, Basit Sultan who was the member of PML-N shifted his loyalty and now on the ticket on PTI will face the candidate of former ruling party.

Former minister Moazam Jatoi while changing his old affiliation with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) will contest on the ticket of PTI. Saradar Ashiq Gopang of the same area has also decided to contest against his old party (PML-N) and contest on the ticket of PTI.

Ghulam Mustafa Khar, a seasoned politician, from the same area has also been part of other political parties in the past.

In Multan, Rana Qasim Noon has no more love for previous political party (PML-N) as he would contest against his previous party from the ticket of the PTI.

Sikandar Hayat Bosan, former minister (in previous National Assembly) has also decided to contest against PML-N from the ticket of PTI.

In Khanewal area, Raza Hayat Hiraj and his close relative Hamid Yar Hiraj would contest against its old party (PML-N).

The situation in the Bhawalpur area is not much different from rest of the South Punjab as Khadija Amir Warran setting aside her old affiliation with PPP-P is set to contest on the ticket of PTI.

Ali Hasan Gilani once had a close affiliation with former ruling party (PML-N) is set to contest his brother against the strong candidates of his same party. His brother Sami Gilani from other party will also face him the election 2018.

Riaz Hussain Pirzada, former Minister for IPC, had also changed  loyalty but now with the PML-N.

Fatima Bahir Cheema, wife of former lawmaker Tahir Bashir Cheema, from the same area, will contest against old party’s affiliation.

In Vehari, Taqhir Iqbl who had affiliated with PML-N, will contest against his old party in upcoming polls. Likewise, a turncoat Nazir Jatt will face strong candidate Nazir Arian.

Ishaq Khan Khaqwani has also a tag of ‘turncoat’ is set to contest from PTI in the upcoming polls.

Rahim Yar Khan will also witness same kind of the match in upcoming elections 2018. Khusro Bukhtiar after changing parties has now decided to contest from PTI in this election against the candidates of his previous parties.

Zafar Warraich, was the member of Q-League and later PPP, is now contesting against his old parties on the PTI’s ticket.

In DG Khan, Khwaja Shera after changing two parties (PML-Q and PPP) is now contesting from PTI. Mohammad Khan Leghari has also left his old party joined the group of turncoats. The candidates of famous caste ‘Khosa’ of the area including Saifuddin Khosa and Zulfiqar Khosa have also changed their loyalties and set to contest against previous parties. Fateh Muhammad Buzdar of the area is also not contesting from his previous party.

A former minister from PML-N Awais Leghari had also affiliation with PML-Q and PPP in the past. However, Leghari for last term has not further changed his affiliation with PML-N.

In Rajanpur area, Jafar Leghari has also decided to contest on the ticket of PTI against the candidates of his previous affiliation (PML-Q and PPP).