MULTAN-Painting grim picture of water scarcity in the country due to global warming and water supply blockage from India, the Agriculture Department warned that the Punjab province is likely to face water shortage in Kharif season.

Keeping in view serious scarcity of irrigation water in the country, the provincial agriculture department is going to introduce high efficiency irrigation system which will save 60 percent water, disclosed Naveed Asmat Kahloon, South Punjab spokesman of the department.

Talking to the media here on Thursday, he said that the high efficiency watering system would also save expenditures made by the farmers on watering labour and the farmers could get this technology from irrigation department.

He further said that the drip and sprinkler irrigation systems were being installed under Rs67 billion project across the province. He said that the irrigation department offered 60 percent subsidy on installation of drip irrigation system while the remaining 40 percent was paid by the farmers. He pointed out that under conventional methods, the water did not reach desired areas when it was needed but the drip irrigation system ensured water supply to all plants at the same time.

He pointed out that Pakistan was one of the worst hit countries by global warming and we need to save every single drop of water. He warned that the water crisis could get further serious as Pakistan stood seventh among the countries facing water shortage challenge. He disclosed that 93 per cent of available water was used for irrigation purpose and even percent domestic.

Citing an IRSA report, he warned that Punjab was likely to face water shortage in Kharif season and the nation needed to tackle this challenge seriously. He said that Indian water aggression, environmental changes, increasing population and depleting water resources were the major reasons behind water scarcity.

He pointed out that almost 60 gallon water was spoiled on each car wash while just one tap leakage spoiled 6,000 gallon every year. He asked the people to feel the gravity of the situation and fulfill their national obligations by saving every single drop of water. Citing examples, he said that 5,600 cubic meter water was available for each citizen at the time of independence which declined to just 1000 meter at present and 800 by 2025.

He warned that he would unveil many secrets in the next press conference if tickets were granted to turncoats and capitalists.