LAHORE (PR) - There is news circulating in electronic, print, and social media about a tragic incident wherein apparently a company's bus hostess was severely harassed at first, and later brutally killed in cold blood by a man, purportedly, a security guard employed in the same company. The impression being portrayed is that the deceased bus hostess belonged to "Daewoo" and that the accused security guard is also Daewoo's employee.

Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Limited would like to clarify that the sad incident had nothing to do with Daewoo Express. The unfortunate bus hostess and the accused security guard were employees of a Faisalabad based private bus service; the bus in which the harassment incident happened, and the bus terminal where the murder took place, also belonged to the same company. Daewoo Express has no connection whatsoever with the tragic incident.

While Daewoo Express wishes to express its deepest grief over the sad incident and would like to strongly condemn such heinous acts of violence especially against women, it would also like to request the public in general and media groups in particular to act more responsibly in reporting / circulating information about such incidents and referring to organizations and/or personsin that regard.

 In the recent past, many private bus operators have started using the name "Daewoo" which is a blatant violation of copyright law of Pakistan. Every bus service which has purchased a luxury bus is NOT Daewoo Express, and every bus operator which employs uniformed bus hostesses and drivers is also NOT Daewoo Express.