The apropos of this letter to enunciate the feeling about the celebrations of the days we called it Mother’s Day, Father’s day etc.  

Like west, these things silently intruded and embedded to the grass root level in our society and it ought to be so because everybody is so busy in their lives so that they can get only a day out from 365 days in a year to show there love to there parents by posting pictures on social media ,celebrating the day by cutting cakes, outings etc becomes a vogue. But a part from those celebrations I grew up watching them and I myself have been doing since so long like my other counterparts, There is a thought up that as living in Islamic republic state and being a Muslim it is our religious obligation to be with our parent’s at least once in a day.  

According to Hadith A person asked who is the most deserving person of my company Rasool Allah Replied: Your mother The person asked the question two more times the reply was same and then who? your father (Narrated Abu Hurairah). Those to whom just looking with love one can have countless reward how could we just confined this fondness with specific Date, Time, Day? The love have no boundaries no such technology has ever introduced to measure the scale of that gratification after hearing your mother’s voice while you are tensed. 

In a flip side of coin, Your statuses, quotations, pictures and celebrations may take those into endless agony who lost there parents. This specific day celebration can harm someone emotionally and upraise that melancholy they are suffering with a great deal. Be sensitive to people situation. 

To put in a nutshell, It is not important to publicize your emotions just express that love and care in person. It will definitely helpful for us and society as well. May ALLAH SWT bless whole Umat e Muslimah’s parents with His endless bounties and those who died will have highest place in Jannat Ul Firdous. Ameen 


Abbottabad, May 23.