ISLAMABAD - Caretaker Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk on Thursday assured full cooperation to the Election Commission of Pakistan in holding free, fair and impartial general election scheduled for July 25.

He was speaking at a briefing held at the ECP headquarters regarding the preparations made by the poll body in conducting the general election. The interim prime minister expressed satisfaction over the arrangements made by the ECP for holding elections.

He also met with Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Sardar Mohammad Raza.

The two had a detailed discussion on the preparations for the upcoming general election and the premier expressed satisfaction over preparations made by the poll body.

“Thanking the caretaker PM, the chief election commissioner said that the role of all the institutions is extremely crucial to holding free and fair elections so that with constitutional writ in place, we could fulfill the expectations of the people and the election commission can duly perform its national and constitutional responsibility,” said a press release issued by the ECP.

Both the leaders vowed that there will be no compromise on the security for the upcoming elections. The election commissioner expressed confidence it will fulfill its obligations to the nation in a befitting manner.

He said the role of all stakeholders in holding a transparent general election was critical and vital to meet the expectations of the nation and uphold the sanctity of the Constitution. Meanwhile, after almost two weeks, most functionaries of caretaker government have not met a legal requirement of declaring their assets.

Only the caretaker prime minister, the interim Punjab chief minister and two caretaker ministers have filed the statement of assets with the ECP.

Section 230 of the Elections Act, 2017 stipulates that “caretakers must submit statements of their assets and liabilities and those of their spouses and children within three days of taking the oath”.

Meanwhile, the ECP has approved reshuffle of bureaucracy in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Around 20 secretaries and chairmen of various departments, 38 deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and directors, 29 superintendents and deputy superintendents of police and 90 other senior officials have been changed in the province.