Everyone knows in Pakistan 35% people live below poverty line but what is the root of poverty is known to very few.

According to a new research conducted in Harvard historical economic data In Highlight the rood of poverty the ‘Unorganized farming. Since reduces with increase in food production and with blessings of Allah the almighty, Pakistan has a rich agarics rural land and the 45% of her economy depends on agriculture but, Pakistan’s farm output is one of the lowest in region and this is because of the lack in access to latest agriculture technologies to increase their form production and no promotion to farmers education. And of course new agriculture technologies has additional benefits that include reduce water wastage, better food quality, lower pollution and of course reduction In poverty, but it is possible only when government promote farmers education and work actively toward increasing farm production through use of new technologies. I think it is the best to reduce poverty.


Kech, May 27.