KARACHI - The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered to demolish the walls with advertisements on Shara-e-Faisal and all other thoroughfares of the city.

A larger bench headed by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar disposed of the matter regarding construction of walls with advertisements here at Karachi Registry. The court barred construction of these types of walls in the future as well.

During the proceeding, representatives of Faisal Contentment Board (FCB) informed the court that the walls with advertisements built in its jurisdiction have been demolished on the court order, a representatives of Outdoor Advertisements Association (OAA) appeared before the court and said that they may face massive financial loss of billion of rupees if the walls would be demolished, he requested the court to make it a mechanism to save their investment, the court has refused and made it clear that such permission could not be given to anyone. A petitioner had drawn the attention of the court submitting that walls being erected in various parts of the city, especially in the jurisdiction of cantonment boards, and on thoroughfares to place advertisements. Earlier, the applicant informed that court that that despite the Supreme Court’s directives against the installation of billboards, cantonment boards had allowed private contractors to raise walls in different areas of the city for the purpose of advertisement. The appellant contended that the construction of these walls around the city especially in the areas of Cantonment Board and FTC are plummeting the beauty of the metropolis.

The apex court disposed of all identical petitions and imposed ban on the construction of walls for the purpose of advertising in future. The court directed the cantonment boards to demolish all the walls built at amenity land for advertisement, and forbade the use of walls for such purposes.