LALAMUSA/OKARA-Following the seat-adjustment between the PTI and PML-Q, the disappointed ticket aspirants and party workers of both the parties have expressed their resentment over the distribution of tickets.

Consequently, serious differences have emerged in the local PTI and PML-Q ranks which have put both the allied parties under great pressure. The PTI committed leaders and workers consider that it is injustice to them who have been associated with the party for the last several years, but they now are being ignored.

If the situation persists the joint candidates of both the parties may possibly lose due to split of vote bank as some of the PTI candidates have decided to contest elections as independent candidates. Moreover hundreds of committed PTI workers led by their local leaders have thronged the residence of PTI chairman Imran Khan to protest against the seat adjustment with PML-Q and denying party tickets to the devoted PTI men.

The PML-Q workers were of the view that their leaders who previously controlled the politics of the district despite all odds still have their political influence in region then why they preferred seat adjustment with the PTI. They said that the decision has put them in unwanted trouble.

However, the contests will be tough between PML-N and PTI-PML-Q joint candidates in certain electoral constituencies.

On the other side, a PML-N leader said that the people who aspired for progress in the country must vote for PML-N for its success in the general elections.

He said Imran Khan has been dreaming of entering the office of the prime minister of Pakistan sitting on the shoulders of the turncoats. Former MNA Chaudhry Riazul Haq while addressing a public meeting said that immediately after stepping in the field of politics Imran Khan adopted falsity, chaotic politics and lies. He had crowded around himself the selfish people and ignored the odl workers in distribution of party tickets. The workers of the PTI had been carrying the slogan of new Pakistan to the nook and corner of the country but when the time for acknowledgement of their services came they were utterly ignored by the their leader.

He said the PTI leader Imran Khan awarded tickets to the capitalists instead of party workers. He said the PML-N was the only political party which had fulfilled all the pledges committed with the people in every turn of rule.