KARACHI - Police Thursday arrested a matriculation student for killing a gangster here in the remits of Aziz Bhatti police station. 

Police found the body of a Lyari gangster Akber Lalla Tuesday and during the course of investigation police got the clues and arrested three friends including Tuseef, Waqas and Noman and also recovered the murder weapon from their possession.

The accused persons confessed to have kill Lalla for blackmailing. The accused persons said that deceased gangster used to make illicit video of the youngsters and after capture the videos, Lalla blackmail which resulting accused persons shot him dead.   

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies claimed to have arrested 18 accused persons in various raids carried out in different parts of the city while recovered weapons and narcotics from their possession. Rangers troops carried out a raid in Rizvia area and arrested five accused persons including Faisal, Noman, Zakir, Irfan and Danish.

Rangers said that the accused persons were involved in various sort of criminal activities including robberies, street crimes and drug paddling. Rangers also conducted raids in Jackson and Superhighway areas while arrested three accused persons including Saeed, Rafiq and Fareed Khan while recovered illegal weapons from their possession.

In a raid conducted Khowaja Ajmair Nagri police in North Karachi area accused Noman have been arrested. Police said that the accused person was wanted to the police in various cases of street crimes while police recovered weapons and looked valuables from his possession.

Chakiwara police conducted a raid in gambling den and arrested six gamblers while recovered stuff used to run the den. PIB Colony police claimed to have arrested two drug paddlers including Sumair and Ghulam Hussain while recovered narcotics from their possession.