Islamabad   -  The Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guarantee (CPPA-G) has proposed Re0.2150 per unit increase in power tariff, under fuel price adjustment, for the month of May 2019 for Ex-Wapda Distribution companies (Discos).

According to a petition submitted by CPPA on the behalf of EX-WAPDA Discos to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra), total energy generated in May 2019 was 12603.59 GWh at a total price of Rs 63.783 billion which is Rs 5.0607 per unit. Of the total generation of 12603.59 GWh, the net electricity delivered to Discos was 12219.37 GWh at Rs 64.282 billion with transmission losses of 3.05 percent.

The CPPA-G also demanded previous adjustment/supplemental charges of Rs 810 million which is Rs 0.0643 per unit. The CPPA has requested an increase of Rs 0.2150 per unit over the reference fuel charges of Rs 5.0457.

According the data provided to NEPRA the share of hydel power generation in May was 3747.21 GWh which was 29.73 percent of the total generation. The share of re-gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) was 28.76 percent and the energy generated from RLNG was 3624.86 GWh and it was added with the cost of Rs 9.5628 per unit.

The share of Residual Fuel Oil (RFO)-based electricity generation was 397.92 GWh which was 3.16 percent of the total generation and the cost was Rs 5290 million or at Rs 13.2941 per unit.

The total generation, in May, from local gas based electricity was 2056.55 GWh, accounting for 16.32 percent of total generation and its

cost of electricity was Rs 12358 million or Rs 6.0091per unit.

Coal based generation contributed 12.92 percent in the month under review. The total generation from coal based energy was 1628.88 GWh and the cost was Rs 9838 million or Rs 6.8046 per unit.

The share of Nuclear energy in the national energy mix was 543.61  GWh. The total fuel cost of the nuclear energy was Rs 587 million or Rs 1.0794 per unit.  Baggasse based electricity contributed 54.47 GWh or 0.43 percent at cost of Rs 336 million or Rs 6.2017 per unit.

The share of electricity imported from Iran was 52.43 GWh and the cost of the centricity was Rs 11.5709 per unit. The share of wind energy was 413.31 GWh and it share in the generation mix increased to 3.28 percent at zero fuel cost. While 69.08 GWh or 0.55 percent contribution came from solar energy at no cost. Mixed Energy also contributed 15.27 GWh or 0.12 percent electricity to the national grid at the cost of Rs 6.7930  per unit.