Trees are the lungs of nature. According to the experts, forests must cover at least 25 pc of the total area of the country. Unfortunately, the figures released by the ministry of climate change in 2015 indicate how only 5 percent of the country is covered with trees now.

An estimation shows that when Pakistan gained its independence in 1947, 30 percent of the country was covered with forests. Over time, the locals started chopping down the trees for several purposes such as to get land for agriculture, new roads and towns, hydroelectric dams, for mining to achieve oil and to get wood for commercial purposes.

Due to hewing down the trees in a large number, some of the most hazardous and unsettling effects are being generated. For example, extinction of animals and plants species increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, coastal flooding, climate change, water pollution, loss of soil fertility, reducing rain, etc.

In addition, 70 pc of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. So, if we continue the illegal act of deforestation or cutting down the trees, then how would these plants and animals survive.

The urgent measures recommended to the government and other stakeholders is to stop deforestation as soon as possible. The locals must also know the importance and benefits of the trees plantations.