KARACHI     -    Islami Jamiat Talibat (IJT) President Aminah Sehar has rejected reduction in the educational budget of the country and said that reducing the budget from 65 billion to 43 billion is hostility against the key sector.

In a statement issued, the IJT chief said that education is a guaranteed way towards success for any nation and the economic and social crisis in the country was due to the denial and lack of education. The present government by reducing the budget, made it difficult for the students to continue their education, she sad adding that cancellation of scholarships has further complicated situation for the unprivileged student to acquire better education.

She further said that additionally, 18 percent depletion in the Higher Education Commission’s budget will prove to be an obstacle in the way of higher education. She requested the government of Pakistan to reconsider the educational budget and propose a favourable one in this regard.