LAHORE  -    Punjab Football Association (PFA) vice president Shaikh Iqbal has condemned the Naveed Haider saying he has proved himself a habitual liar a number of times.  Shaikh said that Naveed has no morals and ethics except to find ways to cheat the football family of Pakistan. “The fresh statement from him is the latest of his series of blatant lies,” he said.

The PFA vice president added that Naveed is in a dream while claiming that he is the legitimate president of Punjab Football Association, while in fact he, in the presence of media representatives, was suspended for five years by overwhelming majority of the members of PFA congress.  “Naveed has nothing to do with the matters of football now. Everyone saw that how he had been beating the drums that FIFA fact-finding mission was visiting Pakistan on his invitation before the mission came.

 What actually happened was that, recognizing his suspension, the mission refused to even meet him,” he added.

Referring to his five-year suspension, Shaikh said that out of 37 members of PFA congress, 23 members approved of Naveed’s suspension for five years while the number needed to do so was 19. “In the same meeting, a committee was formed, comprising of three PFA vice presidents to run the affairs of association while Asghar Khan Anjum was appointed as coordinator.

Shaikh said one-point agenda of Naveed is to eat-up the funds out of PFF accounts given by FIFA and AFC for the development of the game.