ISLAMABAD-Islamabad police have taken necessary measures to ensure foolproof security on the arrival of emir of Qatar in Islamabad today (Saturday).

Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatari emir will land in Pakistan on Saturday. According to the police officials, IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan chaired a meeting in this regard on Friday.

The IGP asked the police officials for better coordination with other law-enforcing agencies for the purpose. He was of the view that better coordination could yield better results. The IGP directed all the concerned to ensure combing and search operation in their respective areas so as to clear the city of any possible miscreants.

According to the decisions taken during the meeting, checking at entry and exit points of the city would be made stricter and the police would keep an eye on the suspects. Furthermore, a traffic plan would also be devised so that the residents do not face any convenience on the arrival of the high-profile guest.

Meanwhile, the police arrested 19 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered wine, hashish, heroin, cash, and weapons from their possession, according to a police spokesman.

According to details, Aabpara police recovered two guns along with ammunition from the possession of Haq Nawaz and Arshad Khan. Tarnol police arrested two persons namely Umer Khan and Farzana Nadeem involved in immoral activities and recovered two wine bottles from their possession while the police also arrested another accused Arshad Khan for having 400 gram heroin. Shalimar police arrested Asif and Rehan and recovered six cans of beer and one wine bottle from their possession.

The police also arrested another accused Haseeb Iqbal and recovered 300 gram hashish from him. Sabzi Mandi police arrested two accused Abid Khan and Yousuf and recovered 600 gram heroin from their possession. Koral police arrested Qasim Abbasi and recovered one 30-bore pistol from him while the police also arrested an accused Shafi impersonating himself as a policeman. Another accused Furqan Ali was held for having 210 gram hashish, according to the police.

Loi Bher police arrested Kashif and recovered one 30-bore pistol from him. Karachi Company police arrested Imran and recovered one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition.

Noon police arrested Waseem Saleem involved in selling petroleum products illegally while Shams Colony police arrested Mir Vais and recovered one 30-bore pistol from him. Shehzad Town police arrested Raifque who was found involved in pick-pocketing and recovered cash, and valuables from him.

Khanna police arrested Siddique Shah and recovered 125 gram hashish from him. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.