KARACHI   -  The Sindh government on Friday launched tree plantation campaign in the province on the birthday of party leader Benazir Bhutto.

The campaign was launched by Provincial Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh on Information Barrister Murtaza Wahab from Yadgar-e-Shuhuda at Karsaz area in the city, where Benazir Bhutto survived a bomb attack that claimed lives of over 150 people after her return to country in October 2007.

The ministers announced starting the campaign saying that their party - Pakistan People’s Party - started tree plantation campaign not only in the province but also the countrywide.

Urging citizens to participate in the plantation campaign for better climate, they said that the government would also ensure plantation of environment-friendly trees during the campaign.

Nasir Shah said that urban forest project was also included in the plantation drive and a huge amount is also allocated for the drive in the budget 2019-20.

“Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has also instructed the Sindh government to plant more and more trees for pleasant and better environment,” he added. Speaking on the occasion, Murtaza Wahab said that tree plantation project will start from Lyari and Malir River in the city.

Wahab while applauding her leader said that she was born to live forever in the history and those who wanted to finish her have themselves vanished but Benazir Bhutto lives on in the heart and minds of people of the country.

“She was the greatest human asset God had bestowed upon our nation after independence and she and her father Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto imagined and pursued a revolution to make Pakistan strongest, peaceful and prosperous country,” he said.  The advisor said that Pakistan People’s Party Leadership and workers will follow the vision and mission of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and they won’t rest until accomplishment of her cherished dreams.

Wahab said that her valiant struggle and brave resistance to the dictatorial forces and their henchmen has become a permanent source of inspiration and pride for the generations to come.

Today is the 66th birthday of our leader, the twice elected prime minister of Pakistan, the icon of women rights and Muslim world’s first female Prime Minister who resisted the yearning of women for the flowering of their potential, he said adding that on her birthday today they also reassure the women of Pakistan of full support in their struggle against all forms of exploitation, discrimination and violence.

He also called for gender equality lauding “the brave and courageous men and women engaged in this struggle.

The Advisor also paid tributes to those who, following in her footsteps, laid down their lives or suffered in the course of democratic struggle and in fighting militants and regressive elements and martyred for restoration of democracy.

While criticising the federal government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Murtaza said that the claims from the government were sky-rocketing but unfortunately in the 10 months, they failed to address the core issues faced by the masses.

He said that incumbent federal government has done nothing for the development of common and further added to miseries in their tenure. “The prime minister is still pacifying the nation not to get worried without addressing issues,” he said.  Speaking on hospitals transferred from Sindh to federal government, Wahab said that Sindh government looked after these hospitals from 2018 and provided better and modern facilitate to the people of country especially Sindh province.

“Even in the budget 2019-20, Sindh Government allocated a sufficient amount in the head of hospitals betterment but federal government did not allocate funds and is also trying to take back the hospitals.”

PYO celebrates 66th birthday of Benazir

The Sindh Chapter of Peoples Youth Organization (PYO) has celebrated the 66th birthday of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed throughout the province.

On the occasion, a large number of PYO workers paid great tribute to the legendary leader in positive words.

PYO Sindh President Javed Nayab Laghari, on the occasion of mega birthday ceremony at Nawab Shah, said that Benazir was the first woman prime minister of any Muslim state who struggled tirelessly to uplift the socio-economic conditions of poor people. He was talking to the media. Leading most popular political party of the country, she never ever compromised on principles and values. PYO President further said, adding that late Benazir was very honest and sincere to the people of Pakistan.

PYO Spokesperson Taimoor Ali Maher, in order to pay tribute to historic struggle of Benazir Bhutto to restore and strengthen democracy in the country, said that Benazir had struggled for the common peoples’ rights. “We must follow the philosophy of Benazir Bhutto to move the society towards peace and prosperity,” he further said.

On the occasion, PYO workers also showed solidarity with Asif Ali Zardari and condemned the cowardly tactics of PTI government by arresting opposition leaders. Assuring fullest support to join the Bilawal Bhutto led movement, PYO also vowed to continue peaceful struggle for restoration of genuine democratic order. During the birthday ceremony, it was also decided to give tough time to the federal government at every level. Taimoor Ali Maher told the media.