Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that former rulers have done nothing during their governments for the people.

The alliance of opposition political parties is only aimed at protecting the looted wealth of the nation and for this purpose opposition political parties are doing the politics of personal interests. He said this unnatural alliance would end soon.

He said opposition has no agenda and all corrupt elements are just worried to protect their looted wealth. He added that the cancer of corruption has pushed the country backwards.

Corrupt elements will not be allowed to abstract the path of progress of the nation, CM said. On which grounds the corrupt elements are now talking to the people, he questioned.

Buzdar said Pakistan would not be facing such a huge burden of loans if corruption has not been done by the former rulers. Those who have looted the national wealth have to give answer of their crimes, he said.

The CM said elimination of corruption, loot and nepotism are necessary for the progress in the country.