With every passing second, we ask the same question to ourselves: “what is going on around us?”

The irony is that since decades the question has not changed and has remained exactly the same; answers may vary from one person to another, people to people, city by city, country to country, island to island, the majority to minority and others.

We are living in a world where we cannot find any peace at all when it comes to corruption, malnutrition, food adulteration, economy issues, family issues and much more. We are so busy in our own routine that we neglect the real meaning of life which is to appreciate the blessing we have around us and people who intend to make those blessing into a curse should be punished.

For example in this time of crisis where everyone requires help from one another, people are selling their plasma at exorbitant prices, while at the same time medicines are being sold in the black to help people with free food, PPE, medicines etc. We have our food authorities initiating Mobile Milk Testing & Bike Squads in 36 districts now, health experts/departments finding vaccines/cure for this deadly disease spreading rapidly.