PESHAWAR - Muhammad Faiq Shah, chairman Amun Taraqqi Par­ty (ATP), has said instead of doing politics, spread­ing hatred and provincialism by raising 18th Consti­tutional Amendment issue, the decisions should be made with mutual consensus to safeguard national unity.

Faiq Shah said that playing political card and bias tactics would not only damage the country, but would also create hatred and division among the federating units. He called upon the government and opposition to bring jointly essential reforms.

ATP chief said that some points of the 18th Consti­tutional Amendment are damaging the national uni­ty. He also asked the opposition to play a positive role in legislations by realizing current requirements and gravity of the situation and should not be made the issue of life and death, he opined.

The ATP leader said his party in its proposals clear­ly gave a line of action. He predicted that a serious re­action may come on education and curriculum issues or the health crisis anytime.

He called for early constitution of a committee con­sisting of representatives from both upper and lower house of the parliament to prepare a draft proposal to bring some necessary alteration in the 18th Con­stitutional Amendment. He said the issues should be sorted out and amicably resolved through negotia­tions and dialogue. He offered full cooperation to the government and opposition in this regard.