ISLAMABAD    -National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (LokVirsa) has planned to initiate a “Cuisine Museum” to introduce famous traditional food of all cities and areas of the country at one place adding a new attraction for food lovers of federal capitals and foreign guests to satisfy their taste buds with traditional appetite.

Executive Director, LokVirsa, Talha Ali Khan Kushvaha said Pakistan is located at an ideal strategic position which represented a variety of cultures and languages that shaped its cuisine, lifestyle and culture.                                                                

He said they were working to establish a cultural food museumwhich would be solely devoted to particular food items having cultural significance.                                                 

He said that the main purpose of this Cuisine Museum was to serve cultured and famous dishes of every city and area of the country in their traditional style cooked by their best chefs which would also open job opportunities for people of those areas.                                                           

He said beside cultural food, continental, Chinese and Italian food would also be served there.                    

Talha said Pakistani food has an important link with our cultural heritage, adding, traditional and desi food is an important aspect of connecting customs of a country with its cultural heritage.