LAHORE  -Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Saman Rai said on Sunday the Alhamra was the only institution which had played great role for the promotion of “Lok geet” (Folk songs) and “ghazal” singing.

In her message issued here on the World Music Day, she said:  “Lok geet” is symbol of harmony and unity”. She said Alhamra had brought forward such voices for the music industry which had highlighted the country’s image.

In Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts experienced, teachers were imparting music education to students, she added. She said the youth were committed to excel in this field, adding that there was huge collection of music in Alhamra archives from which music students were benefiting. Alhamra “Unplugged season 1” gained popularity at the international level, she added. Saman Rai said the day was being celebrated with a vision to keep music alive.