ISLAMABAD - Chinese scholar Prof. Cheng Xi­zhong has said, India must be aware of the conse­quences of crossing the Line of Actual (LoC).

“The way that Indians perceive things is very con­fusing. In this critical time when all mankind fac­es the pandemic crisis jointly, India on the contrary chooses to be offensive, causing troubles to its neigh­bours,” said the Chinese scholar in an article pub­lished by Gwadar Pro yesterday.

He said that in the west, India provokes military conflicts against Pakistan; in the north, it has en­croached on the territory of China and Nepal, stirring unrest in the whole region.

Although the border issue between China and In­dia has not been resolved by far, peace and stability in the border areas have generally been maintained over the past decades thanks to the joint efforts of both sides.

Recently, China has sought to resolve some prob­lems on the international arena. Deceiving itself as the righteous one, India has dispatched troops to Gal­wan Valley in the western section of the Sino-Indian border to carry out illegal activities, and by establish­ing a bridgehead, intends to move northward and oc­cupy more China’s territory.

The most serious military confrontation between China and India since the 1970s took place on June 15. After the military stand-off in Galwan Valley, which began in early May, China and India held a meeting on June 6 at the level of corps commanders and reached “important consensus”.

However, now it seems India has no intention to solve military confrontation through the military meeting. On the contrary, India seeks to consolidate its illegal occupation in the Galwan Valley through the meeting.

He said that at present, there is only one way to solve the military confrontation peacefully, which is, the Indian troops go back to where they have come from.