The Puppet Festival of Rafi Peer Theatre starts from 21st in Lahore. One wouldnt want to downplay their efforts but the Rafi Peer show is outclassed by a much bigger puppet show that runs the whole year round in Islamabad. Similar puppet shows go on in many other capitals in the world, produced and directed by the same world-renowned team of puppeteers. But back to the one in our capital and isnt this always full of wonderment and special surprises? The puppeteers, although thousands of miles away, have no problem with these puppets for they are inclined to do with a single pull of string what other painted contraptions elsewhere do in an entire show. This must amaze the puppeteers as much as it has them pleased mightily. We wish Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop well but they are no match to the show in Islamabad. -DAWAR JAHAN, Lahore, March 20.