The whole country is mired deep in depths of depression and blaming the rulers for having caused our ruin. But we do not view all the facets of picture. We are often subjective and unjust when it comes to deciding who is chiefly responsible for the situation we face today. Most of us dont even bother giving a second thought to the issue before simply heaping the entire blame upon the government and the ruling elite. Typical of us, we do not get to root of the matter. The truth is that all of us, the entire nation, in one way or the other are responsible for the mess we are in. And unpalatable as it might be, this is the real fact. We always say that our rulers are corrupt and irresponsible. But we never care to know how corrupt and irresponsible we ourselves are. Of course, the government is not so innocent either but it is also not wholly responsible for the things we see around us. A Pakistani citizen, a common man on the street is also responsible for the conditions that we have in our country today. Ensconced in their television studios, our news anchors and media persons continue to hold forth on stories of immorality and corruption of our government, its ministers, officials, institutions of the state, everyone but themselves, and their viewers. They never ever focus on corrupt practices rampant at the petty level of the common man in the street. -BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, March 20.