President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday vowed to uphold supremacy of the Constitution and the Parliament and not to permit anyone usurp powers of the Parliament. Addressing the joint sitting of Parliament for the fourth cosecutive year, the President categorically stated We will not permit any one to usurp the powers, that rightly belong to the Parliament. President Zardari, in a wide-ranging address that covered all important aspects of governance and achievements since the PPP-led coalition government came into power, said his government believed that all state organs should work within their parameters, as laid down in the Constitution. Referring to the restoration of Constitution, he said it showed that if all political parties rise above politicking, they can deliver. Let us strive to keep our egos aside. Let political forces stop challenging each other, merely for political point-scoring. It only weakens democracy in the long run, the President said. He said it was the task of the leadership to unite; not divide. We believe in reconciliation, and not confrontation.