ISLAMABAD - Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed on Wednesday said that the national security is an important issue and a single institution or a political party cannot decide on it alone.

Addressing a national debate on ‘civil-military relationship’ organized by PILDAT, the Senator said that the political parties, judiciary, civil society and media would have to be taken into confidence on the issues like national security, defence and diplomatic relations.

Mushahid Hussain further said that the mindset regarding national security should also have to be changed and the economy, Constitution, Parliament, education, energy, food, education and environment should also be a part of national security as Pakistan was facing a threat from these non-traditional dangers.

He added that the task to evolve strategy regarding national security should be given to Committee on National Security that should bound to present its report after every two years as the government could adopt a good strategy to handle the issues being faced by the country.

The Senator further said that it was a civil Government hat decided to make Pakistan a nuclear power and it was also a civil Government that tested this weapon. He however said that the balance of powers was now changing and it was creating some positive results.

He said that the awareness on national security should be given to general people through media, as it will produce some good results. 

Talking about the Slala checkpost incident, Mushahid said that it was a temporary response but it has proved that when an institution makes a policy it always give good results.